Welcome, I’m Sam Jenkins and I help women to FLOURISH and to live a life that FEELS good.

I understand that there may be times when your life doesn’t seem to fit or feel right, or you feel like something’s missing, or “off”. There may be times when you long to thrive, and feel more authentic, creative, or alive, but you don’t know where to start, or what you try doesn’t seem to work.

There may be times when you feel stuck, lost, restless, or unrealised but you don’t know how to improve it. There may be times when you feel exhausted by life, or you tire of superficiality, people-pleasing, and pretence and long for something “more”.

Such times can feel hard, frustrating, and even pointless. Yes, when seen through a different lens, these times can also be a sacred call to LIVE MORE FULLY and TRUE TO YOURSELF.

My work’s here to assist you in honouring this call so that you begin to flourish and live a life that feels good, and true, to you. As part of this, I aim to inspire, and guide, you in the magical process of coming to:

  Know who you really are, and feel at home in yourself
  Nurture yourself more fully, and feel good in your own skin
❉  Express who you are, and honour your feelings and truth
  Unleash your creativity, and realise your potentials and dreams
  Trust in yourself and the mystery of life
❉  Create a life where you feel more inspired, connected, and ALIVE
  Bloom true to who you really are

If you want to start making changes in your life, then you can work with me in personal or creative mentoring.

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If you want to get your spiritual-creative juices flowing, then try one of my art classes.

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If you’ve got questions, or want to work with me in some other way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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