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You want to live an authentic, meaningful life. You want to feel inspired, connected, fulfilled, and alive but it can be hard to achieve, and it’s difficult to know why.

Here’s What I Know
Life typically teaches you to focus your attention, and energy, on the external material world: on your educational and work achievements; your relationships, status, and roles; your outward appearance and experiences; and your material possessions and success.

Naturally, then, you learn to look to these things for your sense of self, value, and fulfilment.

But, one day, you realise that no matter how much you do, have, or achieve in the outside world, you’re left feeling somewhat dissatisfied, uninspired, or incomplete.

What I Know to Be True  
The outer, physical world is only one aspect of your reality.

You also have an inner spiritual life that’s home to your feelings, creative spirit, potentials, and true Self. This is just as critical to your sense of self, value, and fulfilment in life. Arguably, far more so.

Bizarrely, society often encourages you to dismiss, hide, and ignore aspects of your inner reality until it barely even seems real. You learn to neglect your feelings, creative spirit, potentials, and true Self until they barely even seem real.

But, your inner spiritual world is very real. It’s the essence of all that you are and, when you unwittingly neglect it you suffer, no matter what’s happening out in the world.

You might feel anxious, lost, helpless, frustrated, or confused. Life might lack a sense of meaning, direction, or hope. It’s all a call from your inner life, calling you back home to your Self.

Finding An Answer
To feel most authentic, inspired, fulfilled, and alive in life you have to pay attention to your outer, physical and your inner, immaterial world. You have to consciously tread a material and spiritual path.

Each path offers you different perspectives on, and experiences in, life that give you a rich sense of reality.

My book gives you a simple, poetic guide to help you understand, and navigate, life on the spiritual and material path then. It compares each path in terms of:

  ❉  What Guides You (Source or Society & Ego)
  ❉  The Nature of Your Self (True Self or Created Self)
  ❉  Your Source of Energy (Spirit or Willpower)
  ❉  Your Response to Feelings (Explored or Ignored)
  ❉  Your Quality of Being (Wealth or Poverty)
  ❉  Your Everyday Experiences (Living or Existing)
  ❉  Your Becoming (More or Less)
  ❉  Your Health (Promoted or Impacted)

It explains how, and why, the two paths coexist and stresses the importance of sharing your true, spiritual Self out in the material world.

It’s easily read within one sitting or you can contemplate its sections over time.

It’s a quick source of inspiration for those who are new to the spiritual path, those seeking more clarity and perspective in life, and those who love to be reminded of what’s possible.

I trust that it’ll serve you well.

Sample Pages (click image to enlarge)

Map of the Spiritual Path
Connection to the True Self

Map of the Material Path
Attachment to a Created Self











Self: True

Self: Created 












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