bloomtrue_fotorI’m passionate about helping you to discover, express, and live true to who you REALLY are. I believe it’s the KEY to your inner peace, well-being, and fulfilment.

So, I created a sanctuary, where you can escape from your daily demands, and focus on YOUR SELF AND YOUR LIFE for a while.

I’m here to inspire, and guide, you to tend to those most essential, but often overlooked, aspects of life like:

 Your Self-discovery, creative expression, and personal growth
  Exploring your passions, purpose, and potentials
 Tapping into the magic within you and life
 Designing a life that fulfils you

These things WILL bring more depth, meaning, and quality to your life. These things WILL help you to feel more clear, confident, fulfilled, and ALIVE.

You might come with a desire to find yourself, to get inspired, to develop yourself, to transform your life, or something else entirely. Whatever brings you here, you are welcome.

You can work with me in life or creativity mentoring, in one of my art classes, or join my FREE online community.

newphotome3Why I Do This Work
The Personal:
I do this work to share all of my hard-won learning, wisdom, and tools because I know how hard it can be to live true to yourself, feel good, and thrive in life.

It seems like it should be easy, but it’s not, and I spent nearly two decades trying to figure it all out.

Outwardly, I might’ve looked like I was already there. I had a good home, husband, family, friends, and career. But inside I often felt bored, unrealised, and frustrated.

My work with ill, ageing, and dying people had left me craving more than a nine-to-five existence and the daily pretence.

Over the years, I looked to my work for answers. I got new roles, qualifications, and promotions in the hope of realising my potentials, and feeling inspired and complete.

But that never happened, and little changed.

Then, one day, I had an unexpected awakening.

I realised I was spiritually lost and in need of support. It was odd, as I’d never seen myself as ‘spiritual’ before.

It led me to my path of Self-discovery, creative recovery, and authentic personal growth. It helped me to remember, and reconnect, to myself. It enabled me to leave my career, move to my dream location, and create a life that fulfils me.

Now I know what’s possible, and I love to share what I know.

(* for me spirituality is about connecting to something bigger in life, and deeper within; about the inner life and immaterial experiences; and the process of Self-Realisation. For some this comes via religion, but I’m of no set faith).

The Professional:
I graduated as an occupational therapist and worked for seven years in an acute hospital, the community, and a hospice.

I then spent ten years lecturing on the subject at Derby University, teaching at undergraduate and Masters level. I gained a PG Certificate, and Masters Degree, in Education.

I later trained as a Meaning Coach, got a qualification in the foundations of psycho-spiritual counselling, and spent years studying aspects of creativity, the healing arts, spirituality, transpersonal psychology, and human potential.

This led me to realise two fundamental gaps in the way we tend to address health, well-being, learning, and personal growth.

This first is a lack of serious attention given to some of the most powerful forces in life, namely consciousness, creativity, spirituality, and the deeper Self.

Forces that can all significantly impact our potential for health, well-being, learning, and personal growth.

The second is the general lack of available help for coming to BE WELL, DO WELL, and THRIVE IN LIFE.

So, I’m passionate about doing this work to help bridge these gaps, as I believe they’re critical to our personal, and collective, well-being and evolution.

–  PG Cert. in Psychosynthesis Foundations (2012)
–  Certificate in Meaning Coaching (with Dr. Eric Maisel) (2009)
–  MA Education (2008)
–  PG Cert. in Teaching in Higher Education (2003)
–  City & Guilds in Adult and Further Education (2001)
–  BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy (1994)

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