bloomtrue_fotorMaking the decision to flourish TRUE to yourself, and to live a life that FEELS good, is SO worthwhile.

It changes everything for the better, and is FAR more desirable than the alternative, where you risk living a half-life, a false life, or someone else’s life instead.

Or you end-up living a life that LOOKS good to the outside world, but feels empty, dull, or wrong within.

But, deciding to do this is only half the story. You need to know HOW to go about it, otherwise it’s easy to stay stuck, or go around circles, as you try to figure it all out.

So, you need a mentor, a guide …someone who gets your desire to live more expansively, and someone who can help to show you the way.

That’s why I created The Soul Studio.

Why I Do This Work
SD1I know what it’s like to struggle, and get by, in a life that doesn’t fit or feel right. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, miserable, frustrated, and unrealised.

I know what it’s like on that merry-go-round of people-pleasing, approval-seeking, and pretence. I know what it’s like when you long to authentically thrive, but nothing you try seems to work.

I know because I lived like this for almost twenty years.

So, I know just how painful, frustrating, and self-defeating it can be. I know how empty, lost, and hopeless it can make you feel. I know how it can impact your health, and how hard life then seems to be.

I also know that I spent YEARS trying to figure a way out, and change my life for the better, but nothing really changed until I got help from those who could show me how.

So, now I do this work to share my hard-won experience, knowledge, and tools so that you don’t have to struggle, or flounder, for years like I did. It’s futile and wastes too much precious time.

I’m also on a bit of a mission to share an often overlooked truth, which is:

Wanting to flourish true to yourself, and feel good in your life, isn’t selfish, unnecessary, indulgent, or just some nice idea. It’s VITAL to your well-being, well-doing, and health which, in turn, benefits others.

You, others, and the world stand to gain from your decision to live, and flourish, true to you. 

My Path to Here
In my mid twenties, I worked as an occupational therapist with people who were ill, ageing, disabled, and dying.

It made me realise that life IS a gift, and our time is short, so we should therefore use it wisely. I began to crave more than my nine-to-five existence. I wanted a life of meaning, freedom, possibility, and depth. But I didn’t know where to start, and there was no one around to show me.

Everyone else seemed just fine with the daily routine and status quo, but I found it increasingly stifling, uninspiring, and dull. I felt like I was destined for more.

I began to question the meaning of life and, unknowingly, slid into a ‘dark night my soul’.

In the Wilderness
On the outside my days carried on as normal, but inside I often felt lost, frustrated, and alone.

I was frightened of death, and confused by life, and had this deep sense that some ‘thing’ was missing, but I just couldn’t figure out what.

The more I wrestled with it all the more tangled and trapped I felt. I began to experience deep anxiety.

As my suffering seemed to be about work, it made sense to try and improve things there. So, over the years, I grafted, got promoted, and gained qualifications.

Secretly, I was always waiting for the person, opportunity, or event that would help me realise my potentials and allow to feel inspired, complete, and free.

But that never happened. Instead, I felt like a failure as, no matter what I did or achieved, nothing really excited or satisfied me.

I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I’d tried so hard to improve my life, but I just couldn’t find a way through.

Finding My Way
Nothing really changed until I got help.

I sought out teachers, and guides, who knew how to help me move from those stuck, and frustrated, places and get me to where I wanted to be.

And, then, I found the ‘thing’ that was missing in my life …a relationship with me.

As I got to know, honour, express, and live true to myself everything changed for the better, including my inner life, work, relationships, lifestyle, and health.

Now it’s my passion, and joy, to be on this ongoing path of getting to live, and flourish, ever-more-true to myself. I do hope you’ll join me.

About Me
When I say I’m passionate about this work I mean it. It flows from my own lived experience, and I’ve spent years studying it’s various threads, including spirituality, creativity, transpersonal psychology, the healing arts, and human potential.

Outside of this, I love creating art, being in nature, having deep and meaningful conversations, dining with friends, and doing stuff that supports my own personal growth.

newphotome3I live in the beautiful seaside town of Budleigh Salterton, Devon, with my husband and dog and feel blessed to lead this life of my choosing.

Seventeen years professional experience in helping people to realise their potentials (first as an occupational therapist and then as a Lecturer/ Academic on the subject at Derby University)
❉ Trained as a Meaning Coach with Dr. Eric Maisel and in the foundations of psycho-spiritual counselling work
❉ Wrote a book that’s my blueprint for this work

Certificates (Date Order):
PG Cert. in Psychosynthesis Foundations (2012)
Certificate in Meaning Coaching (2009)
MA Education (2008)
PG Cert. in Teaching in Higher Education (2003)
City & Guilds in Adult and Further Education (2001)
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy (1994)

To find out more about me, and my work, please check out my articles or get in touch.

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