bloomtrue_fotorThere are those who seem content to just survive, and get by, in life. Then there are those, like you and me, who want something more.

We are the ones who want to know, and live TRUE to, who we really are.

We don’t want to wear masks, be limited to our roles, or live a life of pretence. We want more than mundanity, mediocrity, and material success.

We want to express ourselves creatively, explore our limitless potentials, and connect with our spiritual depths.

We want to tap into the magic of life, and feel enchantment, excitement, and wonder, once again.

We want to create a life we love, and feel like we’re really LIVING.

The trouble is, we were only taught how to survive and get by. They forgot to tell us the rest.

This can cause heartache and struggle, as we sense the magical possibilities, but don’t know HOW to tap into them yet.

I spent two decades of my life, often struggling in the darkness, trying to figure it out.

Now, I love to share all of my learning, wisdom, and tools so that you can get to this GOOD stuff sooner, and re-discover the magic WITHIN YOU and life.

If you’d like to work with me, you can do that in life or creative mentoring, or in one of my classes.

You might also enjoy my book and FREE sparkling online community.


About Me
newphotome3I’m genuinely passionate about this work, because it flows from my own lived experience.

I’ve had my own ‘dark night’, and have been deeply committed to my path of Self-discovery, creative recovery, and personal growth for almost a decade.

I’ve since worked with different mentors and studied lots of related fields, like spirituality, creativity, transpersonal psychology, the expressive arts, and human potential to ensure that my practice is sound and safe.

Currently, I’m into exploring the Divine Feminine, Alchemy, Archetypes, and The Law of Attraction.

Outside of this, I love creating art, being in nature, having deep and meaningful conversations, dining with friends, and doing stuff that supports my own evolution.

I live in the beautiful seaside town of Budleigh Salterton, Devon, with my husband and dog and feel blessed to be my magical Self, and to lead this life of my choosing.

Seventeen years professionally assisting people to realise their potentials (seven as an occupational therapist and ten as a Lecturer on the subject at Derby University)
 Meaning Coach (trained with Dr. Eric Maisel)
 Studied the foundations of psycho-spiritual counselling

-  PG Cert. in Psychosynthesis Foundations (2012)
-  Certificate in Meaning Coaching (2009)
-  MA Education (2008)
-  PG Cert. in Teaching in Higher Education (2003)
-  City & Guilds in Adult and Further Education (2001)
-  BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy (1994)

To find out more about me, and my work, please check out my articles or get in touch.

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