Art of The Feminine

mumIn this two-day private retreat, I guide you through a beautiful process to connect with, and paint, an aspect of the sacred feminine within yourself.

Practically, I teach you a simple step-by-step process for painting a female face using acrylic paints on canvas. As part of this, I’ll show you how to sketch, shade, add features, and bring depth to your work. This suits beginner, and intermediate painters alike.

Energetically, I guide you to connect with, and create from, your deep feminine essence and to work from a place of receptive presence, intuition, and flow. This way, you can begin to bring an aspect of your feminine soul to life, both on the canvas and within your own self.

This retreat offers you complete privacy and the luxury of one-to-one guidance, and support, for exploring your painting and spiritual-creative process. At the end of your retreat, you’ll have a beautiful painting to take home with you as a record of your painting experience and, more importantly, an expression of your true Self.

What Happens
Your retreat begins at 9.15am and finishes at approximately 4.30pm each day. You can attend on two consecutive days, or book them up to a week apart. Refreshments, light lunch, quality painting materials, and a canvas are all included.

We’ll take a little time to get to know one another, discover your intentions for your retreat, and introduce you to the space and materials used.

kazThis is then an immersive experience, where you’ll spend much of your time painting. I’m here to facilitate, rather than direct the process, and will encourage you to work from your own inner knowing, and in your own painting style, rather than tell you exactly what to do.

However, I’ll also share plenty of tools, tips, and techniques so that you can continue with this practice at home, if you so choose. You’re free to take notes and photos of the process, and ask any questions as we go.

At the end of each day there’ll be space for you to reflect on any insights, learning, and growth that’s happened for you along the way.

If you’ve any questions about any aspect of the retreat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’d prefer to come with a friend, or small group, please contact me to discuss your preferences.

Investment: £275 (from which a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required at the time of booking).

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N.B: This process is based on a painting approach developed by Flora Aube, and I’m a certified facilitator of the method.

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