The Space Within


Free yourself, for a moment, from self-imposed ideas about who you are and who you are not. Where did these beliefs originate from if you, did indeed, arrive here as a clean slate?

Know what’s been thrust, and projected, onto to you doesn’t belong to you. It’s for others to own.

All ideas, and labels, confine in some way …even the positive ones for, as wonderful as they might be, they’re still other people’s ideas about you all the same, and it’s easy to become attached to their affirmation.

Personal freedom comes as you learn to let go of fixed ideas about who you are and who you must be. It comes as you begin to cultivate, and inhabit, the space of being within.

It can be hard to sense this inner space, as like all space, it’s prone to fill with clutter, rubble, and junk.

The psychic clutter of limiting beliefs about who you are, and who you’re not, according to what other people want, hope, or deem you to be. The rubble of self-doubt, self-degradation, and self-neglect. The junk of unconscious stories, fear, and untruths.

Left unchallenged, this dross slowly cements and begins to shape, define, and chain you.

So you are tasked, then, with tending your inner space. You are its only custodian.

You can begin to cultivate your inner space by releasing emotional clutter onto the page, or in trusted conversation. You can allow your creativity to flow, rather than letting it stagnate. You can release stuck energies by moving your body more. You can limit mental loops and unhelpful identifications through meditation. You can go into nature to feel more natural and expansive.

Whatever helps you to clear, and create, internal space do that, as this space offers you a certainty of being that eclipses all small-minded ideas about who you are and who you must be.

But, as you might know, this empty space can also be a challenging, even terrifying, place: the existential void of personal disintegration and chaos.

Few folk like to enter this place. But this is an initiatory space, a dark and fertile place that you’re destined to cycle through, now-and-then, on your path of evolution. 

This void can feel like a kind of purgatory, punishment, betrayal, or backward step. But in the crumbling, and dissolution, you are gradually freed once again.

Freed of certainty, and cemented ideas, about who you are. Freed to explore, shift, re-imagine, and choose who you might be now. Freed to let go of what no longer fits or serves you. Freed to become fluid in your external identifications and manifestations. Freed to embrace any aspect of your kaleidoscopic nature within.

Nothing is fixed in the void of no-thing. The empty space is full of your limitless potential and scope.

Whether you knowingly access, and tend to, this space through creative activities, meditation, contemplation, or nature, or whether you unwilling slide into its murky infinite depths, the space within is a powerhouse of illumination and transformation.

It’s a fertile, potent, and vital place to dwell.

It’s your gateway into the mystery. It’s your point of deepest connection and knowing. It’s your access to unrealised energies and new realities. The place where you can experience a fullness of being …of being no-thing, and every-thing, and you.

The space within is your space …your teacher, companion, refuge, playground, alchemical vessel, and home.

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6 Steps to Living with Intention



Living with intention is about making conscious, active choices in how we choose to show up and live our life.

When we live with intention, we purposefully sculpt aspects of our inner, and outer, world to best reflect our values, priorities, needs, beliefs, desires, and sense of Self. It’s one way that we can begin to create a life we love.

So, I wanted to share 6 steps that can help get you started.

Step 1: Recognise Where You Are
Ideally, we’d all be living a conscious, intentional life that best aligns with our true Self. But few of learnt that this was even an option and, so, life tends to take over instead.

The daily busyness, distraction, and demands makes it all too easy to just drift along, or tread a pre-determined path. Despite our own best efforts, we can soon find ourself ‘stuck a in a rut’ or simply ‘going through the motions’.

Often, we’ve no idea how we got there.

One reason we find ourself there is because our daily routine quickly lulls us into a state of semi-conscious auto-pilot. We tend to do the same things every day, and develop certain ways of being that help us achieve that, with little or no thought.

This is all well and good if what we’re doing, and being, feels largely congruent and true. But when we find ourself on a path we don’t enjoy, or feel that we belong to, it’s easy to stay on it because we don’t know what else to do.

The first thing we need to do is stop and acknowledge what we feel, be that stuck, uninspired, lost, helpless, hopeless, frustrated, listless, uneasy or whatever. No more denying, hiding, running, or pretending.

This simple, but often challenging, act of recognition is the first step to any real change. We all begin there.

Step 2: Embrace the Discomfort
When we feel persistently stuck, uninspired, lost, helpless, hopeless, frustrated, listless, or ill-at-ease it hurts.

This can seem like a bad thing, as we don’t like to suffer or be in pain. But, paradoxically, feeling such discomfort can be a good thing.

It shows we’ve not completely zoned, or numbed, out. We’re not completely asleep. Something is stirring, awakening, calling.

Life’s moving and that’s a good thing.

Society tends to misjudge these difficult feelings as bad or undesirable. People don’t like to talk about them. It frightens them, and they don’t know what to do. So, such feelings are often ignored, minimised, rationalised, or pathologised as dysfunctional.

But these nagging, gnawing feelings, like all feelings, are trying to tell us something. They can be symptomatic of a biological, chemical, or hormonal imbalance. They can be symptomatic of our awakening soul.

Our soul awakening is only ever a good thing, a holy thing, but it can hurt.

It hurts because birthing our deepest Self can stretch, expand, and even tear apart our most intimate psychic places.

It hurts because our basic behavioural wiring means we’re most motivated to act in order to avoid pain. Pain is great at getting our attention, and encouraging us to change.

Our discomfort often calls us to live more authentically, and fully awake, and that’s always a good thing.

Step 3: Own your Power
Living on auto-pilot quickly stops us being awake and present to our life.

We get lost in the daily habits of being and doing. We get lost in minutia, ‘to-do’ lists, drama, goals, judgements, and modes of escapism. We ignore, and forget about, what we need and how we’re feeling.

As we routinely sacrifice our needs, feelings, and truth we begin to lose strands of ourself. We grow unsure of who we really are, we no longer know what matters to us, and we forget about the ‘bigger picture’ of our life.

We tell ourself that this is our lot, that this is reality, that it could be worse, and that there’s nothing we can do. We blame external factors, and other people, for how things are and how we feel.

All too soon we can feel helpless, impotent, and incapable of change.

We forget that we are powerful co-creator’s of our life. We forget our personal magic, endless possibility, and capacity to live our own dreams.

We forget that we’re always creating something, whether we’re aware of it or not. We’re always shaping who we are, who we’ll become, and how our life will be.

So, it makes sense that we get conscious, and intentional, about it. It’s a huge step, and a big lesson in personal responsibility.

Step 4: Step-up
Let’s face it, getting real with ourself, and making our life work, takes courage, effort, and resolve. It’s not for the fainthearted or weak willed.

In order to create a life of relative meaning, fulfilment, freedom and depth we have to be prepared to put on our big girl panties, roll up our sleeves, summon up our power, take hold of the reigns, and do what it takes.

It’s futile waiting for someone else to come and do it for us, because they won’t. They can’t.

We have to do it for ourself. It’s the way we discover what we’re made of.

Step 5: Dream Big, Start Small
Living an intentional life is, by definition, a lifelong process. We don’t have to rush, or push, ourself. We don’t have to jump in, and make hasty decisions before we’re ready.

A gentle way to start is to simply just dream.

Not just ‘what’s possible or realistic’ dreams, but big and exciting ‘how the hell will that ever happen?’ kind of dreams. Our dreams are super personal and don’t need to make sense, or be desirable, to someone else.

We can dream about any, and all, areas of our life by asking, and answering, questions, like:

If there were no limits, what would my ideal day look like? Where would I be? What would I do? 

What kind of people, and relationships, do I long to have in my life?

How do I most want to feel inside of my life? 

If money were no object, how would I love to spend my time? 

If anything was possible for me, who would I love to be? What would I love to create? 

To create a new future for ourself, we first have to be able to dream it.

6) Do It With Heart
In western society, we often learn to live life through the lens of our mind. We tend to ‘think’ our way through each day, planning, judging, critiquing and doing what seems logical, sensible, or rational. We tend to make decisions based on outcomes, what’s expected, and what other people think.

The mind is an amazing instrument. It helps us to live safely and effectively. It helps us to understand, fit-in, and progress. But it’s not our only intelligence.

There’s also the intelligence of our heart, which includes our intuitive, sensing, and emotional knowing. When we lose strands of our self, and feel stuck and ill-at-ease, it’s often because we’ve stopped listening to our heart.

So, as we begin to dream, and live a life of intention, we need to consider the hopes, needs, priorities, and desires of our heart, as well as our head, as they can differ. We can begin by asking our logical, practical mind to answer the above questions, and then our intuitive, spontaneous heart.

Our heart knows what’s possible, and what we’re capable of. If we listen to it, it will help guide us to all that we are, and all that we need.

So, there we have it, my 6 steps to begin living a life of intention and creating a life you love …a life sculpted by your own hands and made in the image of your unique reflection. If you’ve any questions, or comments, about any of the steps please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Your Purpose



The idea of finding your ‘purpose’ in life has compelled, challenged, and perplexed humans across time. Philosophy and religion have long-offered their ideas about it and, now, a rising number of  ‘spiritual’ businesses want to help us find our purpose too.

When these businesses talk about our purpose, they’re usually referring to our work in the world …the work we really came here to do.

Typically, this is divinely-guided, entrepreneurial work that allows us to use our gifts, help others, live in bliss, and earn a lot of money …a six- or seven-figure income, if we do it right.

It’s an attractive idea and it draws a lot of people in.

I get it, as what’s not to love? We get to share our gifts and help people. We get to live our ‘purpose’ and serve the divine. We get to be our own boss, plan our own day, earn lots of money, and travel the world when we want to. Nice.

And I agree that we all have unique gifts that can help, and heal, others. And we feel great, and life’s enhanced all round, when we share these gifts in the world.

And our work can be divinely inspired and guided. And spiritual and material wealth can co-exist really well together.

But I don’t agree that our ‘purpose’ is simply about our work (a.k.a service).

First, it’s just a spiritualised take on the patriarchal, puritanical, industrialised, institutional, corporate messages we’ve always received: that our primary purpose is to work, and our value is determined by that work.

Second, it’s pretty limiting, and oh-so pressuring, to see your life’s purpose only in terms of the divinely-guided work that you do …unless you’re a prophet or saint.

I mean, what if you struggle to find your purpose? Or you never get to quit your day job to pursue it? Or you find your purpose, but no-one wants your help? Or it doesn’t lead you to bliss, freedom, or success?

Did you miss something, or take a wrong turn? Did you fail to raise your vibration enough, learn enough, or work hard enough to manifest it all?

Maybe you’re not talented, bright, aligned, or capable enough? Or worse still …not divinely chosen, worthy, or loved enough?

What if you find your purpose, then stuff happens, and you can no longer pursue it? Do you cease to have a reason for being?

Of course not. At best it’s upsetting, at worst soul-destroying, and it’s just not true.

Your reason for being is always far greater than your work.

Your purpose in life is you. You are your life’s purpose.

You’re here to be, know, experience, realise, and share the fullness of you. Not just in your work, but in all that you do.

There’s nearly 7 billion humans on the planet, and there’s no-one quite like you. There never has been, and there never will be. The probability of you being here is basically zero. Almost impossible. You’re basically a miracle.

But you are here, and you are you.


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Claim your Creative Self



Let me dispel this toxic myth that creativity’s something you have or you don’t.

Creativity’s not just about a talent, or technical skill, in the arts. It’s not just about a way of thinking, or bringing new ideas to form.

Creativity is life force energy.

It’s within us, from the spark of our conception to our very last breath.

Creativity’s the process, and pulse, of all life. It’s a natural imprint, impetus, impulse, and response.

So, this false idea that only some of us are creative has to stop. It just serves to dismember us all from our primordial source of inspiration, potency, and power.

It punctures our creative spirit, dissipating our precious life force.

Creativity’s our essential essence …our most life-sustaining, life-enhancing resource of all.

The Time Has Come
Our creativity’s an ever-present energy and, like all energy, it needs to be channelled and expressed.

Otherwise it turns in on itself and stagnates inside of our being, depressing our energy-body.

There it finds expression in our neuroses, unconscious dramas, and self-destructive patterns that serve nothing, and no one, including our self.

When we surrender, or deny, our creative potential we feel passive, jaded, uninspired, and flaccid. We grow impotent inside of our life.

And, right now, our consciousness, humanity, and planet really needs people at their most active, inspired, and potent.

So, I don’t care if you can’t draw a stick man or sing in tune. In the grand scheme, and design of life, what does that really matter?

What matters is that we all claim our creative inheritance, and express our unique creative self. In our walk, talk, dress, song, thought, dance, art, home, care-giving, work, and everyday self-expression.

When we connect to our creative spirit we connect to something deeper, and more expansive, than our flesh-and-bone self.

We connect to the creative intelligence, and source, that permeates the universe …from the eye of a fly, to our delicate eco-systems, to the imploding stars whose particles make up our bodies and earth.

There’s a creative magnificence, and unimaginable brilliance, to life …including our own self.

It’s time to heal those wounds that have us believing we’re uncreative, or not creative enough.

It’s time to awaken, cultivate, and express our unique creative Self.

It’s time to take creative responsibility for our life.

This idea can be frightening for we know, in our bones, that creativity’s a formidable power. Our power.

And it’s risky, as it takes us into new and unfamiliar ground, which is exactly where we need to go.

It’s time to remember that we are each a natural creator …an artist in our soul.


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Naked Truth



Every flower in the garden’s different and each blooms true to itself, without comparison or shame.

Every tree stands tall and proud, without being diminished by the majesty of the others that surround it.

Each creature has its unique way of being that suits its particular path in life, with no expectation that it should change.

Each star shines brightly without ever compromising its own light.

So what is it within human nature that makes it hard for us to claim our unique essence, beauty, majesty, and strength?

What has us comparing our very existence and compels us to hide, or snuff-out, our light? Or the light of others?

Where is the path that teaches us how to stand rooted in our own wild and essential nature …fully, and without apology?

After all, what are we apologising for? For not being as expected or needed? For making the other feel something they dislike? For fearing that we’re not enough? For being too great or too bold?

Who is it that holds all these expectations of how we should be?

Do we ever question why that rose is red, rather than yellow? Do we ever question why the bee can fly, but the lion can’t? Do we ever compare each planetary species and judge that one should be more like the other?

No we do not.

But when it comes to our own, we seem to hold all these ideas about how we should be, and who is better, and who is right, and who should change.

Too often we’re met with judgement, and secret disdain, when we simply present our self bare, naked in the truth of our own essential skin.

It seems that many prefer us wrapped-up in the fur of pretence, and would have us mutate and morph ourself to suit their personal desires and whims.

The cactus and porcupine are allowed to be spiky, but we are not. Birds can fly in different ways, at different speeds, in different directions and are all accepted, but we are not. The ant and elephant are both respected as mighty in their unique form, but we are not.

Expectation, comparison, judgement, and critique is reserved for us humans.

Perhaps it’s a maladaptive fear that has us believe that we need to be alike and equal, or that we need to be and have more, in order to survive and succeed.

Maybe it’s our psychological mirror, which reflects back our wounding when we see another shine: they ignite our sense of inadequacy and shame, so we critique them to ease some of our pain.

Perhaps it’s our own neglected soul hunger that has us feed-off making the other wrong and small.

In the face of all this how do we honour, and deeply trust in, the rightness of our being?

How do we dare show-up as that, irrespective of what the world may say?

How do we dare to declare, “Look at me, here I am, standing great and tall” and have it known that this is simply a way to claim our own sense of I-AM?

How do we shake-off this collective sickness that has us pretending and skating on the surface of life, too afraid to let go, strip naked, dive deep, and risk it all? But risk what exactly?

All is accepted as is in nature.

Can we not allow the evolution of a truly balanced human ecosystem, where each person can contribute to the delicate web of life in their raw and essential form?

Can those who are cunning, bright, and adaptable be accepted like fox? Can those who are timid, graceful, and watchful be embraced like deer? Can those who are powerful, unpredictable, and courageous be respected like tiger?

Can we begin to accept, embrace, and respect these same qualities in our self first of all?

It seems that this is the real work of our species …to realise, protect, and cultivate the intricate and compelling diversity that pulsates within us all.

To not seek to modify, poach, destroy, or homogenise our humanity to suit our own preferences, insecurities, or needs. But to allow it to flourish with a deep trust, and respect, that each and every one of us is, essentially, meant to be as we are.

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The Trap of ‘One-day’ Dreams


It’s easy to spend years dreaming of that special something, or someone, that’s going to magically change your life for the better: the job, retirement, baby, boss, success, qualification, lover, empty nest, dress size, friend, opportunity, or home.

I spent years waiting for this kind of magical ‘one-day’ myself, and here’s what I know.

‘One-day’ dreams are little more than wishful thinking.

Wishing, hoping, and waiting for that special something, or someone, who’s finally going to transform our life and help us feel how we long to feel: loved, free, safe, powerful, fulfilled, recognised, worthy, complete or whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, having a vision of a bright future’s important.

It gives us inspiration and hope. It can offer clues to our deepest Self and potentials. It can motivate us to reach for our ideals.

But magical ‘one-day’ thinking is different, and somewhat risky too.

It can keep our eyes, and energy, so fixed on a better horizon that our present life becomes little more than something we have to get through or improve.

But the present moment is the only place we ever really get to live.

It can cause us to passively wait, like a damsel in distress, for that pseudo-Knight who’ll come and miraculously make it all better.

But the Knight rarely comes, as life typically wants us to dig deep and make the miracles happen ourself.

It can lead us to that longed-for job, baby, lover, home, money, and the like …and straight into the realisation that nothing’s really changed, inside of ourself.

‘One-day’ dreams can be little more than an addictive psychic trap that promise us a fairytale ending. A time when we can forever escape from our suffering, struggle, and pain.

Like all addictions, this thinking brings us the highs (hope, anticipation, thrill of achieving eternal happiness), the lows (loss, disappointment, frustration when our fantasy is thwarted), and an insatiable search for the ultimate fix to our troubles.

‘One-day’ fantasies aren’t simply about our idealised future; they’re a way of running from our self.

Running from our current suffering, troubles, struggles, and pain …and even our power and potentials.

The only remedy is to stop, and turn to face ourself.

We need to find ways to honour our suffering, troubles, struggles, pain, power, and potentials.

We need to refocus our energy, and do what we can to feel how we want to feel this day, rather than ‘one day’.

We have to stop waiting for that magical something, or someone, to rescue us and instead step up, tap into our own magical power, and do what it takes to rescue ourself.

When we stop running from ourself, we come home to ourself, and find ways to feel loved, free, safe, powerful, fulfilled, recognised, worthy, and complete within ourself.

I ain’t running from myself no more. Are you?

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Radically Alive



Feeling that you’ve had enough of your time on earth isn’t the same as needing to leave the earth. It’s a way of noticing your desire for escape, peace, respite, bliss.

You’re not forced here by rules that govern your life. You’re here, and it’s a choice to stay, and a chance to be radically alive.

These modern times of advertising, from organisations and individuals, give a message that being radically alive looks certain way. Extreme sports. Wild lifestyles and events. Excessive freedom, bliss, and happiness.

But, really, it’s about being with ‘what is’ in each moment, with the fullness of your being and breath.

It’s about being authentic with who you are, where you are. Authentic to yourself, and authentic to the moment.

So often we try to change, hide, or make it all different. But this doesn’t alter what is. Don’t try to outrun yourself. There’s nowhere to go, but escapist loops that bring you back to where you are.

Being with yourself fully …that’s what it means to be radically alive.

Being radically alive is an act of noticing. Of allowing all your senses to converge. Of seeing what is before you with innocence and wonder.

Too often we judge, and label, and think we know what, and who, things are. How little we know, really. Learn to simply observe.

It’s daring to feel the pulse of your own heart, the joy of your being, and the torture within your restless soul. Welcome it all as a friend, a message, a guide.

Begin to face that which frightens, excites, suppresses, enrages, upsets, delights, and overwhelms you. Little by little. Inch by inch.

Cells pulsating with anticipation of the jump. The needle going in. The cork being popped. The lover coming close. The thrill. The high. These things can make you feel alive in the moment, but take you nowhere, really. They’re just a temporary relief from what is.

Being busy, productive, and successful can all be gratifying, rewarding, and fun. There’s nothing wrong with it, nothing wrong at all. But they’re also an accepted escape route and a way of bypassing the hurt and the numb.

Being radically alive is a way of growing from all the irritation, erosion, and sloughing of life. A way of allowing the hard parts to lighten, heighten, and brighten you.

Deep humility can arise from facing your own vulnerability and shame.

Gratitude and joy from really experiencing your loss, humiliation, and pain.

Generosity from allowing the tearing, and expansion, of your heart.

Kindness from knowing the darkness of your own devastation.

Being radically alive is an ever deepening capacity. There comes a gradual diminishing of polarity, where every experience becomes a path of learning, and growth. A trust in the ultimate purpose, and benevolence, of it all.

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Constant Gardener


cg1Look at all the things that have grown in your life. All the seeds that you planted that came to fruition. All those things that blossomed and bloomed through your loving attention. The beauty you’ve created along the way.

Sure, there are those seeds that never germinated. Things that fell by the wayside and never grew in the way that you’d hoped. Perhaps including aspects of your own self.

No matter, you gave it your all and that’s what counts. Or maybe you didn’t, but that’s all a part of it too.

Then there’s those dark, earthy places of your past …fertile ground that helps you to strengthen and evolve. A way that essential grit penetrates your being and agitates, and smoothes, you into new and unexpected forms.

And still you need to regularly till, and feed, the soil of your heart and mind. A poisoned, and parched, inner landscape only encourages life to wilt and die.

Take some time to immerse your self in the beauty, and glory, that surrounds you, as whatever dances before your eyes will all too soon be gone.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour, however meagre as without honouring the harvest you’ll always be hungry for more.

And dare to flourish vivid, and true, to your own nature. Flower fully as you are, without shame or comparison. Let them see, and appreciate, your authentic beauty. And when they can’t, or don’t, choose to grow and bloom anyway …in your own way …all the way.

You are the constant gardener of your soul.


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You Are Someone


Spend time doing what you love. Develop a lifestyle that suits, and stirs, your soul. Take the time to discover who you are. You matter.

Try not to believe those voices in your head that tell you you can’t, and that you’re not good enough. Don’t believe those that make you feel less than and small.

Feel into the essence of your own being. Meditate. Journal. Walk. Make art. Cook. Bathe. Listen. Trust. It’s not as hard as you might think. Deep down, you know that anyway. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you.

Let it be easy.

Take time to notice your thoughts, and how they preoccupy so much of your precious time. Be with your own heartbeat for a while. Just notice how you don’t need to control everything, or have it all figured out.

Be courageous and dare to dream that things can be different… and will be different. Know that each moment passes, never to be recaptured. Try to notice now. The way it all looks, and tastes, and smells, and sounds, and feels.

Let go of all those ideas that have you believing you’re not worthy. I know, this can take time. Lots of time. And compassion and love. But even for one moment… this moment… tell yourself, ‘I am always enough’.

Never doubt your reason for being here – so often inflated to be some all-consuming purpose, or path, when you are your reason for being here. I know, it’s kind of mind-blowing.

For most of your life, you’ve been encouraged to be somehow different, bigger, better. You believed you needed to be someone to be valued and loved.

And you are someone.

You are you, and this is, simply, more than enough.

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