Soul Painting

 ‘Absolutely brilliant. It’s fun, liberating, and safe. Sam is such a great, warm professional and so generous with her wisdom. A very feminine space to work in and an absolute delight. Thank you Sam’.   E.T, Devon

 ‘What a wonderful morning, allowing ME to emerge from deep within. Loved every minute. Inspiring beyond belief!‘ Edina Street, Exeter

I had a great morning doing this workshop. Sam, you’re a delight – you’ve created a beautiful feminine space filled with your inspiring creations and you know how to put people at ease and bring out their inner creativity. Thank you so much.’      Dee Brodie, Exeter

 ‘A wonderful morning – beautiful, inspiring, safe, guided space to express all my heart and soul in glorious gold and bronze, silver and turquoise paint. Thank you Sam.’ Trish Currie, Exeter

 ‘I found the experience interesting and felt much better inside than when on arrival. Lovely to put my feelings on paper and let it out.’ Janine Whitlock, Devon

 ‘I had the best time doing soul painting. It was unique and I had very surprising results! It feels like the beginning of something new and exciting.’ Lou Wood, Budleigh

Thank you Sam for a great morning. You’ve created a lovely space and it’s very generous of you to share it with us. It’s refreshing that your desire is to draw from us free expression of our inner artist, rather than to seek to teach us to paint. You’re encouraging without being directing. It’s so lovely to be surrounded by all of your gorgeous art work. I’m sure the various devas were all helping me to engage the process. I leave feeling younger and very happy to have engaged the process with you.’ Alexis, Devon.





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