Constant Gardener


cg1Look at all the things that have grown in your life. All the seeds that you planted that came to fruition. All those things that blossomed and bloomed through your loving attention. The beauty you’ve created along the way.

Sure, there are those seeds that never germinated. Things that fell by the wayside and never grew in the way that you’d hoped. Perhaps including aspects of your own self.

No matter, you gave it your all and that’s what counts. Or maybe you didn’t, but that’s all a part of it too.

Then there’s those dark, earthy places of your past …fertile ground that helps you to strengthen and evolve. A way that essential grit penetrates your being and agitates, and smoothes, you into new and unexpected forms.

And still you need to regularly till, and feed, the soil of your heart and mind. A poisoned, and parched, inner landscape only encourages life to wilt and die.

Take some time to immerse your self in the beauty, and glory, that surrounds you, as whatever dances before your eyes will all too soon be gone.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour, however meagre as without honouring the harvest you’ll always be hungry for more.

And dare to flourish vivid, and true, to your own nature. Flower fully as you are, without shame or comparison. Let them see, and appreciate, your authentic beauty. And when they can’t, or don’t, choose to grow and bloom anyway …in your own way …all the way.

You are the constant gardener of your soul.


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