Life mentoring provides you with tailored guidance, and support, for living true to who you are and flourishing in life.

It’s a time when you can focus on yourself, and explore the really essential things, like who you really are, what you most desire, what your unique gifts and possibilities might be, and what holds you back in life.

I’m here to help you access YOUR inner knowing and answers, rather than tell you what to do, and support you to make authentic, positive changes in your life.

Session Outline
I provide a safe space where you can show-up without pretence, and work on what’s most important to you. As part of this, I’ll offer you:

❉ Questions, and simple creative activities, to help you access your inner wisdom
 Ideas, insights, and feedback for your consideration
Tools, and accountability, to help you take inspired action

You can work with me in-person (Budleigh Salterton, Devon) and online via Skype
Investment: £55 per one hour session
Please contact me with any questions

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