Radically Alive



Feeling like you’ve had enough here on earth isn’t the same as needing to leave the earth. It’s simply a desire for an escape, peace, respite, bliss.

You’re not forced here by rules that govern your life. You’re here, and it’s a choice to stay, and a chance to be radically alive.

These modern times of advertising, from organisations and individuals, give the message that being radically alive looks certain way. Extreme sports. Wild lifestyles and events. Endless freedom and happiness.

But, really, it’s about being with ‘what is‘ in each moment, with the fullness of your being and breath.

It’s about being authentic to who you are, where you are. Authentic to yourself, and authentic to the moment.

So often we try to change, hide, or make it all different.

But this doesn’t alter what is.

Don’t try to outrun yourself. There’s nowhere to go, but escapist loops that bring you back to where you are.

Being with yourself fully …that’s what it means to be radically alive.

Being radically alive is an act of noticing. Of allowing your senses to converge. Of seeing what is before you with innocence and wonder.

Too often we judge, and label, and think we know what, and who, things are. How little we know, really. Learn to simply observe.

It’s daring to feel the pulse of your own heart, the joy of your being, and the suffering within your soul. Welcome it all as a friend, a message, a guide.

Begin to face that which frightens, excites, suppresses, inspires, and overwhelms you. Little by little. Inch by inch.

Cells pulsating with anticipation: the cork being popped; the new lover coming close; the win; the needle going in. Chasing the thrill, the high, the ease. It might help you feel alive in the moment, but only provides a temporary relief.

Being busy, productive, and successful can be rewarding and fun. But it can also be an acceptable way to bypass the hurt and the numb.

If you want to be radically alive then dare to feel, and grow from, all the irritation, hard parts, and delight.

Deep humility comes from facing your own vulnerability and shame.

Real gratitude, and joy, from experiencing the loss and pain.

Love, and generosity, from the tearing, and expansion, of your heart.

Kindness from knowing the darkness.

Pleasure from allowing the good stuff in.

Wonder, and magic, from touching your innocence.

Being radically alive is an ever deepening capacity, a gradual diminishing of polarity, where every experience becomes a path of illumination and growth.

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