bloomtruewebAs your mentor, I provide you with the essential space, guidance, and support that you need to live, and flourish, true to yourself in life.

I’m here to assist you to discover, and move closer to, who you really are, who you long to become, and what you most want to do with your precious time.

As part of this, I support you to explore, and transform, aspects of your inner and outer world that you want to enhance, develop or change, in some way, and to act on those things that really matter to you.

Whilst you’ll have your own reasons for coming to mentoring, this work can help you to:

❉ Get clear on your values, desires, preferences, and priorities
Find ways to feel less frustrated, helpless, hidden, or stuck
 Sculpt areas your life to better reflect who you are
Unleash your creative potentials and confidence
❉ Find a deeper meaning, and direction, in your life
 Bring a specific project, or dream, into being
 Feel more connected to yourself and the world
 Develop more inner freedom, vitality, and peace

My approach blends principles, and practices, from my professional training in Occupational Therapy, the foundations of psychospiritual counselling, and Meaning Coaching. It also calls upon the experiences, insights, and tools I’ve gained on my own path of Self-discovery, creative Self-expression and personal growth.

My approach is holistic and takes into account the varied aspects of your being, including your psychological, emotional, spiritual, and creative self. It’s largely present and future orientated, and maintains a focus on your innate potential for growth.

Session Outline
Every session is unique, as we focus on what feels most important, challenging, or exciting for you at that time, but each time we work together I aim to offer you:

A non-judgemental space where you can show-up without pretence and express yourself from the heart
 My full attention where I actively listen to what you want to share
❉ Soul-searching questions to help you think more deeply
 My insights, and feedback, for your consideration
❉ Simple creative activities to help you access your inner world and knowing
Support to take positive action that honours your Self, your potentials, and dreams
 Suggested ideas, tools, and resources to help you to keep moving forward between sessions

You can come for just a few sessions to work on a specific issue, or work with me over time at a pace that suits your circumstances and needs.

I offer mentoring both in-person (Budleigh Salterton, Devon) and online via Skype
I offer a free, half-hour introductory session to check I’m the right person for you
❉ Ongoing sessions last one hour and cost £47
Please contact me with any questions or to set-up your free introductory appointment.

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